Mating season

Wildlife Detectives Published by Maggie Sergio · Yesterday at 8:13am · Curious about what one of our Wildlife Detectives can discover during a home inspection? During skunk mating season, we routinely find cuties like this little guy. NOTE – Not all of our inspections are this straightforward. -0:09 People have watched this video for a total of 3... read more


The San Francisco Bay Area contains a healthy population of coyotes as well as dog lovers. Here are some great tips on what to if you encounter a coyote while walking your dog.…/ What To Do If You Encounter A Coyote While Walking Your Dog – The Urban Coyote Initiative Many urban residents see coyotes or have interactions with coyotes while out walking their dog. Coyotes are rarely interested in humans, but add a dog to the…... read more

Food Source

Wildlife Detectives shared Kathy Diamontopoulos‘s post. Published by Maggie Sergio · 4 hrs · Food, water and shelter is what attracts wild animals, including rodents. As you can see in this video, bird feeders do attract rodents. Interesting how this little guy created his own shelter in the snow, right near the available food source. -0:04 44,411 Views ‎Kathy Diamontopoulos‎ to The Naturalist’s Notebook December 30, 2017 at 8:08am · This rat has burrowed a hole in the snow next to the bird feeders so he can have warmth from the freezing temperatures and easy access to food. Please note: As… See... read more

Coyote Call

Wildlife Detectives Published by Maggie Sergio · 13 hrs · Education is vital to understanding our wild neighbors. The coyote has been the subject of many myths, and is probably one of the most vilified animals in this country. Dr. Marc Bekoff and Camila Fox (Project Coyote) provide us insight into the behavior and habits of America’s Song Dog.…/coyotes-dispelling-myths-… Coyotes: Dispelling Myths About Who They Are & What They Do Some recent media claims about various aspects of coyote behavior are misleading... read more


Wildlife Detectives Published by Maggie Sergio · December 13 at 3:06pm · Here is an interesting article highlighting 16 fascinating facts about squirrels. Curious how many of our followers can name the various types of squirrels commonly found in the SF Bay Area?…/16-things-love-about-squirrels… 16 things to love about squirrels From an extraordinary sense of smell to a taste for tree sap, members of the family Sciuridae are more than just pests at the park.... read more

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