Little Fox

Wildlife Detectives Published by Maggie Sergio · 2 hrs · Wonderful story about a reunite of baby foxes and their mom carried out by our partners at the Peninsula Humane Society. This story demonstrates that wild moms and their babies belong together. We are in the midst of baby season now and trapping wildlife should never be carried out. #scrapthetrap.…/baby-grey-foxes-reunited-mom-thanks-pen… About this article Baby Grey Foxes Reunited With Mom Thanks To Peninsula Shelter PHOTOS: Check out these adorable foxes who were reunited with their mother thanks to to the care of the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA.... read more

Nocturnal animals

Wildlife Detectives shared Coventry Wildlife Rescue‘s post. Published by Maggie Sergio · 10 hrs · Many people assume that if they see raccoons, foxes, skunks or coyotes out during daylight hours that something is wrong with the animal. This is a myth. If you see any of these animals out during the day, please, leave them... read more


Wildlife Detectives shared Opossum Awareness & Advocacy‘s photo. Published by Maggie Sergio · February 23 · Opossums are not a rabies vector species. It is believed that their body temperature is too low for the virus to survive. #peacefulcoexistence #scrapthetrap #lovewildlife Opossum Awareness & Advocacy February 18 · Instagram · Opossums have feelings, too. Do your research or you might embarrass... read more


Wildlife Detectives Published by Maggie Sergio · March 8 at 11:35am · Feeding pets outside is guaranteed to attract your wild neighbors looking for a meal. Not to mention, freaking out your beloved pet in the process. Just check out this kitty’s reaction to an opossum eating his food!… This Cat’s Reaction To Possum Stealing Her Food Gets Better And Better With Every Pic I’m a pretty chilled out kinda guy, I don’t get angry so easily. But come between me and my food and you’re dead meat! So I can really sympathize with the…... read more


Wildlife Detectives Published by Maggie Sergio · January 27 at 8:13am · Curious about what one of our Wildlife Detectives can discover during a home inspection? During skunk mating season, we routinely find cuties like this little guy. NOTE – Not all of our inspections are this straightforward. -0:04 People have watched this video for a total of 4... read more

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